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FIELDING DREAMS "implements sports as a foundation for life success” by providing youth programs on a competitive, yet instructional level.

With a sports foundation planted at an early age, lifelong lessons are taught which can potentially lead to three major keys to a child’s development.

Initially, sports programs will provide our youth with the opportunity to be physically active, leading to overall physical health.  Not only will physical activity improve physical health, but it will also attack a major epidemic in the United States, childhood obesity.  Next, sports programs are essential to the social development of our youth by increasing opportunities to learn important life skills, such as cooperation, discipline, leadership, and self control.  Finally, sports programs are critical for muscle memory and motor skills which contribute to our ability to be physically active later in life.  Being physically active throughout life leads to quality of life.

Currently, we offer youth football and cheerleading programs. Our football/cheer teams will travel to competitive events within and outside of Ohio.  Registration and other important information will be available soon on the individual team websites.  As part of the FIELDING DREAMS experience, we will provide study tables, a physical fitness program, and an option for transportation to Team 1 Stadium daily.

Registration includes the following: transportation from school (10 mile radius from Rubber Bowl), 1 hour monitored study table and 45 min fitness session prior to practice (Mon-Thurs). Akron Browns players- personalized jersey, cleats, 2 additional tournaments outside of regular season and possibility of National Championships. Lady Browns cheerleaders- uniform, shoes, 2 additional competitions outside of regular season and possibility of National Championships.


We are looking for qualified individuals for the following positions:

Head Coach football (paid position) Head Coach Cheer (paid position)

Asst Coach football (volunteer) Asst Coach cheer (volunteer)

Team Manager football (volunteer) Team Manager cheer (volunteer)

Athletic Trainer football (paid position) Athletic Trainer cheer (paid position)  


Team 1 Stadium  formerly the "Rubber Bowl”  

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